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Hartmann Preuss

We share a deep passion for making work meaningful, effective and enjoyable for all involved: customers, leaders, employees, partners.

We are committed to making your workplace both effective and happy, by bringing you an outside perspective, unusual workshops and effective interventions. Agile Ambulance complements and supports your team – we’re at your service, fast, when you need an extra hand to run a difficult meeting, to improve skills, or to encourage and challenge your teams and leaders.

In the short term, we’ll help you find your bearings and get moving – and then work with you to find the right long-term support for the journey, if you need it. Once things are rolling, we’ll be on our way!

We work flexibly: sometimes alone, often as a pair, and bringing in other colleagues as needed, to deliver the right mix at the right time.

methods languages + domains experience + knowledge
You probably don’t need another methodology. Instead we apply and teach coaching skills like reflection, deep listening and powerful questions to connect with people, and to create the safe spaces that foster interaction and enhance team effectiveness. We also bring in various tools and facilitation techniques, as appropriate, to achieve the goals of the workshop we design together with you. Communication matters, and business languages matter as much as human languages! We speak English, French, German, Swiss-German, Scrum and Kanban. In addition, we’re conversant with the worlds of software development, insurance, finance, law-enforcement, telecommunications, publishing, process-improvement, and team-building, to name just a few. Together we have over 20 years’ diverse professional coaching and training experience. We’ve worked in Europe and North America, with individuals, startups, mid-sized and large companies, national and multi-national clients and government agencies. We are experienced software developers, team leaders, product owners, process improvement coaches and team trainers. We have hands-on experience organizing and facilitating public and in-house meetings and unconferences.

Depending your needs, we might recommend a trainer-led workshop – to learn new skills and step outside the comfort zone – or facilitated events where we bring little business content but instead bring out the best of the participants’ contributions through collaboration techniques and skilled facilitation.

Our Workshops

Our team would love to be of assistance with creative workshops that promote discussion and interaction, designed to appeal to participants with different learning styles and cultural backgrounds.

From Liftoff” Team Chartering for new or struggling teams to Open Space / Unconference Facilitator Training to How to Run Retrospectives, our workshops challenge, energize and build important  collaboration skills.  Read more about workshops.

Meetings and Event Facilitation

When the answers lie in your people, we help them do it themselves, for example:

Facilitation of challenging meetings
Open Space UnConference
World Cafe
Fearless Journey – Get Your Team Un-Stuck
Facilitation of important Retrospectives (so all can participate)
Appreciative Inquiry
Communities of Practice
Customized LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® events
Cultural Archeology
Project Recovery

What else?

Deborah is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) serving change leaders, offering one-on-one coaching in-person and on the phone. Benefit from her intuition and skill to  maximise strengths, resore focus, and promote a shift to values-driven work. Coaching is a useful support for those with new job roles or heading into stressful changes.

Notice something missing? Ask us.

If it isn’t in our own extensive bag of tricks, we’ll help you find an experienced and trusted practitioner.