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Mastermind Groups

We love to meet with like-minded peers! But they are not always close-at-hand, and so we seek out MeetUps, User Groups and Conferences. Still, the hallway conversations there, while stimulating, are fleeting. Really, nothing beats the synergy of intentionally collaborating with our peers. We experience this in-the-small at UnConferences: you name your passion, your puzzle, and “the right people” come to help explore something important, for an hour or a day. We meet strangers there who share our interests and values, and come away inspired and encouraged! And then, too often, we all go our separate ways and lose track of one another.

The social web is, of course, changing all this: we stay in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, albeit somewhat accidentally. What I still find missing in these interactions is follow-through. I tend to muse, chat and experiment on Twitter, but I also want partnership, mutual commitment and accountability to bring my ideas to fruition, and these are harder to find in the dispersed global community of peers in which I participate.

If you also crave more challenge, lively dialogue, and the support of a consistent group of peers – allow me to introduce you to: the Mastermind group! Continue Reading →