Deborah Hartmann Preuss – building community

Deborah Hartmann Preuss – building community


DeborahPreuss_headshotDriven by a passion to change the world by increasing joy at work.

Pragmatic: hates re-inventing the wheel. Connector, encourager, facilitator, instigator, believer in “the wisdom of crowds”. A promoter of collaboration and diverse individual contribution, she herself contributes enormous positive energy to groups she works with.

Deb is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and co-founder of the StoosNetwork


Building upon her process improvement experience in Agile Software Development, Deborah has expanded her skillset to better fulfil her commitment to helping change agents to be happier and have more impact in the world.

Skills + Experience

Organisational change agent in Europe and North America:

  • Creation and delivery of leadership training and change programs from small firms to multinationals.
  • Co-trainer in the Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Master program.
  • Development of communities of practice in corporate and volunteer organisations.

Creator of communities and events

  • Creating international and multilingual events in Europe and North America, including the AgileCoachCamp and Play4Agle series of conferences (30+ events).
  • Facilitating Open Space unconferences, and teaching these skills to others.
  • 3 years’ part-time journalism, including development of the Agile community, video interviews, editing, and article writing.

Co-creation of  FearlessJourney, a collaborative game that helps teams get un-stuck.

Software development and leadership

  • 20 years’ experience as a software developer and process improvement specialist.
  • Experience working in the consulting, the private sector, and levels of government, from municipal police to federal agencies and the UN.

Skilled with:

effectiveness coaching, facilitation techniques, retrospectives, excellent language skills, deep listening, powerful questions, intuition, surfacing assumptions, humor, creating team synergy, and networking with facilitators in many countries.

Deborah is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), serving her community of change agents through face-to-face and telephone life-work coaching.

Deborah works in English, French and German

“Deb succeeds in keeping a very helpful balance
structure and freedom,
both in phone planning conferences
and at the event itself.
She creates an inviting atmosphere
everyone feels welcome.”

— Sebastian Eichner, co-organiser of 2011