Our Workshops

We love to develop creative workshops that promote discussion and interaction, designed to appeal to participants with different learning styles and cultural backgrounds. Our activities are hands-on and typically do not require special technology – our favourite tools are index cards, sticky notes, flipcharts and LEGO® blocks. With these we help clients explore their own problem/solution space, break out of habitual thinking patterns, practice new skills and plan new actions.

Depending on the situation, we might recommend a trainer-led workshop – to learn new skills and step outside the comfort zone – or facilitated events where we bring little business content but instead help bring out the best of the participants’ contributions through collaboration techniques and skilled facilitation.

Here are some workshop examples. Focused and practical, these can stand alone or combine together into a customized event. Workshops range from one hour to a day half-day  in length, unless otherwise noted.


( download a printable version of this workshop list )